Industrial & Commercial Air Conditioning Service – Calgary & Area

calgary-commercial-air-conditioningCalgary’s Arctic Air HVAC installs, repairs, and maintains air residential, industrial, and commercial air conditioning in Calgary, and areas just outside Calgary. We specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial and industrial air conditioning equipment in Calgary, and areas around Calgary. We ensure the very best quality air and comfort, for your particular environmental needs.

Arctic Air is an established industrial & commercial HVAC company, with over 25 years industry experience in the Calgary area. We seek to provide top quality workmanship, along with consistent and reliable service.

Our focus is to deliver suitable environments for a specific tasks or processes. The requirements of your specific process determine the exact environmental conditions that are required.

Arctic Air HVAC – Calgary
Residential, Industrial, & Commercial Air Conditioning 
Calgary & area 403-233-7202

Common Locations/Environments Requiring Air Conditioning Service

These types of places require exacting environmental control:

  • Server room/data centre cooling systems
  • Clean Rooms manufacturing electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Industrial environments
  • Food cooking & processing

commercial-air-conditioning-calgary-servicesOur air conditioning service technicians work to maintain desired temperatures, humidity and air quality, while ensuring proper air circulation from space to space. They do all this while providing courteous and professional service.
*We provide industrial and commercial air conditioning services that you can rely on.

Industrial & Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans

commercial-air-conditioning-calgaryAir conditioning systems need to be regulated and maintained in order to run efficiently, and to adequately protect your merchandise. In an effort to avoid downtime and unneeded repairs, we provide timely and cost efficient industrial and commercial air conditioning maintenance plans. See how an air conditioning maintenance plan from Arctic Air can save your operation time and money.
MORE INFO: see our Calgary air conditioning maintenance plans

Arctic Air HVAC – Calgary
Industrial & Commercial Air Conditioning Service
Calgary & area 403-233-7202

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