ABOUT Arctic Air – HVAC – Calgary

We are an Experienced HVAC and Refrigeration Company

Arctic Air is an established Calgary HVAC and Refrigeration company, with over 25 years experience in the industry. Through devotion to top quality workmanship, we are committed to providing consistent and reliable service. As well, we adhere to all local, Provincial, and Federal health and safety regulations on all our jobs.

Arctic Air prides itself on running a company with honesty, integrity and a commitment to customer satisfaction. We work towards understanding our client’s business and operations, so we can tailor our service and expertise to meet their mechanical needs.

We are proud of our business partners, and the service we provide to our clients. We will continue to serve all our clients with the same level of top quality workmanship that has earned us our good reputation, and we’d like to earn your business as well.

Arctic Air HVAC – Calgary
Residential, Industrial, & Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Services 
Calgary & area 403-233-7202

Commercial & Industrial Services

We install, service and maintain all types of industrial and commercial HVAC applications, including heating, refrigeration and air conditioning:

  • Commercial Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Food Service
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Institutions
  • Computer / Server Rooms
  • Medical Facilities


We install and maintain air conditioners, computer and server room cooling systems, roof-top HVAC units, air-conditioning units, make-up air systems, walk-in coolers/freezers, exhaust fans, boilers, furnaces, humidifiers and ice machines.

HVAC Maintenance Plans

We offer HVAC maintenance plans that are customized to your unique needs.  All our maintenance plans include prompt, professional service from one of our highly skilled service technicians.

Arctic Air HVAC – Calgary
Residential, Industrial, & Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Services
Calgary & area 403-233-7202

Workplace Safety

Arctic Air is committed to creating the safest and healthiest work environment possible for our employees, and all other personnel affected by our operation. We have an in-house Health and Safety Program that supports continuous learning and awareness for managers, supervisors, and employees. We meet on a weekly basis to review our safety procedures, and continuously look for improvement.

Arctic Air has developed competency standards and hazard assessment tools for safety critical tasks, with employees actively involved in this process. The Field Level Risk Assessment reflects our commitment to workplace health and safety, during every activity, right through to project completion.

All our employees are tasked with, and have readily accepted the responsibility of protecting themselves, and all those who could be affected by their actions. Our Safety Program Manual contains a comprehensive set of Safe Work Practices and Job Procedure Instructions, which are reviewed prior to each operation. All those involved are on an equal footing during the discussion, and all must be satisfied before work begins.

We value the safety of all, as well as providing professional, quality work, and attention to our client’s needs.